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Default Re: New guy in Cali.

So after some recon I purchased a #41 chain about a week ago since the master link on the #415 was bent and I'd have to get a new master link, I figured I go with what people have said is better. I've gotten everything buttoned up and I've gone through about a 1/2 gallon of gas. When I first got the bike running my brother clocked my top speed at about 18MPH without the carb tuned and stock spark plug. Couple days after that I got the NGK B5HS spark plug, new tires, and tuned the carb. My brother clocked me at 25MPH top speed. I've noticed the motor starts to bog down near the top before it tops out. I've done some research and I think I need to adjust the c clip. I checked the plug today it looks like it's still running a little rich so I have some tinkering to do. But man these are a lot of fun
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