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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Please post your results on Dax Fan Club

I have been wondering the same thing!
Probably cheaper at Niagaracycle. I think you get 2 in a set.

You could get some All Thread, bend it in a couple places , and run it through 4 drilled holes in the friction drive channel, for a place to hook panniers. Then use a conduit bracket or something to tie the rack to the seat stay. Good luck! Send pics!
I bet they will be noisy, but if the drive doesn't flex a lot, it should work fine, opposite the engine and gas. I think you might have to reinforce the drive channel though (some cross bolts and nuts inside and outside the box). I drilled through mine to mount that little plastic bin for the reflector tape and spares. The metal was fairly easy to cut through, and didn't flake any, but it was pretty stout.

Adding extra nuts on the u-bracket bolts helped me a lot too. (bolt through bracket, nut, then mounting plate, washer, lock washer, nut, nut. )
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