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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I got honked at by one of the Ruling Elite today. I just waved and went on my way. They were going to turn left in front of me, then stopped, so I continued on, and took a side street in case they were crazies. They honked at me with the little Beep Beep, which I guess means, Shame on You, not the Blaring FU. So maybe they won't storm any townhall meetings. It was a good day though. Taco Bell took my order happily, as always, and no one flipped me off or called the PD to say I was riding an ATV in the city.

I did witness a police chase though! I heard the siren ahead so I pulled over, and a bashed up pickup truck with a man and woman inside roared by me, with 3 cops behind him. If you see one police, watch out because there will probably be more, and you don't want to be in the way!

I filled up my 1gal can today and took it home on the front rack. My Walmart camping strap broke at the plastic buckle! Luckily I had it tied up too. The can handle hit my wheel and chunked off the handle, but it still works, maybe even better. Wheel looks ok. I think 1 spoke might have to be tightened a little. I suppose I will have to use an old leather belt or motorcycle type ratchet. I don't want to go through that again!

The 1 gallon can was not too heavy, and the bike steered ok. I wouldn't want to carry a 2 gallon can or metal can though. The 1gallon cat sat right between the rails and fit perfectly, I just need a solid strapping system to be safe.

Any ideas?

Front rack:

Gas Can: [img][/img

PS I slit an old tube and made a few wraps around the down tube of frame, for a rack bumper, glued on with spray adhesive. It looks nice and has stayed on a long time.

I have a couple ideas. Something like this, with METAL buckles!
(extender shown, just plan to use old GMC belt, stitched together to make loop.

or an old seatbelt from a car ought to work. I bet I can get those from a junkyard here for cheap. I plan to weave it around the joints on the rack, and use a loop to tie the can down and cinch, and one to pull it back against the rack's ledge at the fork crown. I guess they can just sit in the cargo bucket when I don't need it. Lots of cool stuff in there. It holds a lot of burritos too! $7
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