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Default New guy in CT

Hey all, first off, the name's Jim, now, why I registered here (besides the fact that none of the search results helped me much):

I got an 80cc ebay motor kit as a gift with the condition that I get it on a bike and working. There was originally a hack-job 24cc on a rear mounted/drive platform (3-wheeler! lol) that I will attach pics of when I get enough posts. Oh, might help if I mention the bicycle in question is a West Coast Customs. The main problem I'm having is I don't have a welder to add mounting points to the bike, and the rear tire aspect ratio is wider than the rim, resulting in the sprocket sitting too far to the center. Not to mention I can only get 3 bolts on it while keeping things centered, the rest will hit spokes. My 'benefactor' if you will, really wants me to get this working on the 'chopper bike' as he calls it. Anyone have experience mouting this kit onto said bike?
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