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Default Re: Something odd with my engine. ?

There have been a number of qualified builders who have declared the 66 is generally not as well balanced as the 48. I have not yet fired my 66.

And I've had my cns equipped 48 do some REALLY stoopid things when trying WOT runs.
Occasionally, at WOT it would go into a mode like a compression release was triggered.
NO indication of head gasket leakage before, or after then blazing 24mph run dragging my carcass...
I'm beginning to suspect a intermittently defective CDI coil.
The feeling is kinda like when my Ford runs up against the rpm limiter, at 93mph and the motor goes to stumbling, and just won't do a bit more... all because of the electronics!
I'm going to swap out my coil for another, in a few days.

Good luck!
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