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Default New member here!!!

Hey everybody! I am a new member here and decided to pick up a new hobby. which will hopefully be cheaper than my last one. i saw a buddy on another forum build a motorized bicycle because he blew the motor in his car and i decided i just have to have one. that and i love building things. so i was at first looking to build a tandem bike for my wife and i but everybody lately wants stupid money for them. so i picked up a schwinn sting ray for pretty cheap and i am going to embark on this build in the next couple weeks. this isnt an occ bike, its the model before that i guess (with the front fender and foot pegs). been cleaning up the bike in the mean time (surface rust, fresh paint, removing old worn decals, etc). i am looking forward to this and i just recently realized it will be a bit pricier than building a mountain bike with all the custom hubs and mounts and whatnot. so wish me luck and ill post pics every step of the way!!! i do have a question though before i order a motor kit... should i spend the extra money on a stinger or grubee? or just get an ebay kit? is there really a quality difference with the $30-40 price increase?? thanks in advance!!

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