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Default Re: my Black Squirrel ("The Flying Fart")

Got a #41 chain to replace the original. Got some 1/2links to go with it, & so I finally got rid of that damn tensioner. It rolls smoother on the #41, for sure. But the rear wheel seems like it wants to kick sideways even earlier now, rubbing hard on the left inside of the frame.

I've never been able to take a ride without my wheel tools because of that. After constantly dealing with it, I finally asked the original owner if the bike was ever in an accident. Turns out it was hit by a car. I think the frame might be bent, & that's probably what's causing the wheel to twist.

So I'm thinking about a mt bike build. I'm not a fan of the looks, but it might be what I need. I imgaine I'll have a quicker takeoff with the MTB, too....the cruiser has terrible takeoff, but in a straight flat run it could hit 38. Kinda wish I had a 24" mtb to build on....
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