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Default Hello from Maydelle, Tx. - Texas laws

I'm brand new here. I recently saw someone here in Maydelle riding a motorized bicycle. I had no idea what he had on it (didn't get to talk to him), but I instantly had to have one. I've done about a month of researching the subject and here I am.

I called the Cherokee County Sheriff's office, the Jacksonville (or maybe Rusk...can't remember which) and the DPS office in Tyler.

They all said that motorized bicycles under 50cc are street legal and require no registration or licensing but didn't go into any details about speed limits or other restrictions (I didn't ask about that, only asked if they were street legal).

I also called the county office that handles motor vehicle licensing...they told me the that no registration was necessary for motorized bicycles under 50cc.

That was all I needed to hear. I have a couple or so possible candidates for motorizing, but am still reading and learning at this point. I have a couple of usable 25cc trimmer engines I might be able to use.

Thanks to all who make this forum possible.
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