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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Well haha took the advise of someone to take off head check engine for shavings and advised I really didnt need a torque wrench. (This was pre build check) I got one was just too lazy to dig it out of the pile in the corner I got during a remodel i have going on.

But on point so when I tightened head after checking I was way light i guess. Head gasket leaking like crap after first ride Blowing oil all over. SO off with the head ( dug out torque wrench) and reassembled. UH OH put head on backwards DUH Took off head and that was the third time using metal gasket. Tightened to 150 lb but then i thought I saw space between gasket and seal. Off with the head again. Looked at gasket and dang it had a great seal. Was afraid to use gasket for the 4th time but then it dawned on me get Copper gasket seal. SO I did painted gasket good and put it on and then torqued down to 175 lb.

Sealed her up good and off I went chug chug varooommmm..... I would of never known how tight to go with out torque wrench though...I would of never tightened that much by feel. Glad i did that... She is holding steady and running like a bat out of he11
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