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Default Re: Something odd with my engine. ?

It's a 66cc K-80 from BGF. It runs like my first 2 engines did, that feeling of unnerving vibration as your revs go up with the speed and when it does that thing there's almost no vibration to be heard of. I know it's sounds odd and it's a little hard for me to explain. Like I said earlier it's not 4stroking, it just all the sudden runs faster and gets super smooth like the crank all the sudden got balanced and the vibes are almost completely gone. If I can just figure out what's causing it to keep from running smooth and faster like that. I'm almost thinking it's a combination of running rich and having bad spark. I'm running a RT carb with a #70 and a champion plug. On a cold start it 4strokes for about 3-4 seconds when I let the choke off and that's it. Then I can run all day and just randomly while I'm riding it goes super smooth for about 8 seconds then goes back to normal.
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