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Default Re: Vintage Style PVC Tank

Thanks for all the positive comments guys! I guess the real question here is the durability of the JB Weld/PVC joints. All surfaces were roughened with 50 grit throughly and the amounts of the JBW applied to both surfaces allowed subtantial squeeze out. I have no doubt about the bonds and very little doubt about the effect of gas on the materials. However only time in use will prove the concept. I believe it is possible to use Kreem type sealers in a tank of this sort. Carefully done it should bond to the PVC well as the sealer has an MEK base solvent which I believe is the basis of the PVC glue. The only advantage I see there is the joints are shielded from the gas. Even though I have the mentioned sealer I am not using it to see if the bare materials are up to the job. Not sealing is one less step and expense. Guess we will just have to wait n see.
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