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Ah I see. Thank you all for your help, it is greatly appreciated. As for the rusty connecting rod I'll take a look at it again later and take some pics, Jim, you're probably right. I just quickly tore down the engine and left it at a buddies house so I didn't really get a chance to closely examine it (so it may not be rust after all ).

For the people who told me to look stuff up on the forum, I completely understand where you guys are coming from. I am a member of several other forums including my beloved Tacoma forum, and it is sometimes frustrating when I see people asking the same question about a certain mod a thousand times when it can easily be found using the search function.

All in all, thanks everyone + Deacon for the help. Hopefully, I'll get my new bike up and running by the end of this week (still in high school so I don't have much time on my hands to finish in 1 day)
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