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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

We had given some thought to the supports cutting off fuel and air movement within the tank and figured their being just tack welded at the corners would allow free flow. But why not cut slits from above for peace of mind? Now's the time, so I think I'll go ahead and do that.

I should also mention that Dan is not real experienced at making gas tanks. He made his first one for his stretch Worksman cruiser out of steel, winging it as he went. It's a nice tank.

Then a year ago he was kind enough to help me with making a tin gas tank for a cantilever Schwinn, again figuring out how to do it as he made it. We made a couple more of those and then a copper version. It was a great learning experience for me.

A whole different can of worms got opened up with the copper gas tank we (he and his old helper) made for my Indian Hiawatha earlier this winter.

And now this. Each type of tank has been made differently in accord with the shape of the tank and the materials used in making it. Dan would be the last person to say that the way he makes something is the way someone else should. I'm sure that others making a tank similar to this steel one for the Panther did things differently and ended up with good looking serviceable tanks... people who have made a lot of them and are far more experienced in working with steel and welding in general. And he would never call himself a welder. He's a tinsmith and a good one, but the skills a person picks up in one craft can often be translated to some degree into another. My own experience in soldering many stained glass windows helped prepare me for soldering up a tin gas tank, even though the materials were different.

Along with his general experience, Dan likes to make things well and do it once to be done with it, even if things don't always work out that way. In spite of his being a quiet, private kind of guy, he has permitted me to take pictures and be a kind of reporter in his shop.

If I could it would be great fun to spend a day with other craftsmen here on the forum, taking pictures and reporting on what they're doing. Guys like Sportscarpat, 2door, Gnu, Canonball2, WayneZ, BarelyAWake, Bairdco, msrfan, Mr. B. and so many other bright lights here on our forum. If you ever get a chance to hang out a bit with one of these guys while they are making something, bring your camera along and share with the rest of us.
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