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Smile Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by killercanuck View Post
No burns is always good Skarrd

That's a great description Rsp! Did you have to mod your piston/transfer ports much for the reed?

Drop that 44 down to at 32/36, for more *cough* mileage
I bought the engine ported and polished as the rock solid team ported both intake and and exhaust ports + the internal scavengers, so it was done when i bought it, if i where with a new engine and bought the reeds i would port the intake port quite a bit & make it a square shape as that also improves the low end, port the exhaust if you add something like a aftermarket pipe a square exhaust port will assist with the torque at low - mid and a ported oval shape will help with high rpm. quick answer is no you wont realy need to mod your transfer ports if you got them, but it would help maybe give 2% more the fact that they dont let a return pulse through is the whole idea

im looking at a shift kit, as the only thing left to do is get a new ignition system, the team at rock solid is working on a whole new magnet design and cdi once i have that i literally have run out of upgrades maybe nitrous?i know for a fact im pushing 8-12hp
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