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Default Re: Old dog learns new trick...Welding!

Next up Dan made a bend for the other end of the tank using a piece of steel to hold the top piece to his work bench. The bend could have been made in his brake, but he wanted a more curved bend to mate up with the side piece, so did it by hand. With that bend completed he cut excess material away and checked for fit.

I had imagined more pieces involved and fewer bends, but Dan is making this tank as easy for me to weld up as possible and with fewer welds. I had pictured something more crude as my first welded tank, but thanks to Dan's expertise this is going to be a great tank.

Before the next shop session I'll get the acorn nuts for inside the tank, bung and fuel outlet. We're planning to tack weld the acorn nuts in place and try sealing them up with solder from the inside. Should work. Why not? Once the steel acorn nuts (for receiving bolts holding the mounting straps in place) are tack welded and then soldered, and with a hole made for the bung we can tack the top piece in place. We can then make up the bottom piece, affix acorn nuts for the bottom strap and make a hole for the fuel outlet. Then tack weld the bottom in place and from there on I'm on my own.

Dan has made this easy for me to be successful with this first steel tank. It may feel a little like cheating, but I'm still learning and the next time I make up a gas tank I'll know how to do the whole thing on my own. See you next time in the Tinsmith's shop.
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