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Default Re: new from SD. NOT HAPPY.!

didnt get bike yet. but will let you know. im in this hobby for the long haul. i used to build prototype cars in michigan so im kinda like an artist builder. i dont do hack. i'll wait till i get all my materials. love the dax friction drive. going to get that set up soon but not on the macargi. very impressed with the simplicity. also like the video duane is in on installation. seems like a genuine guy. i bought a red macargi , you know how the gas tanks come with little dents sometimes and black in color. im going to fill the dents in sand that sucker smooth and paint that bad boy red to match the bike. my macargi is a no rush project. i'll buzz around on my DAX drive this summer on a walmart bike or used. people on craiglist are kinda going nuts in my area selling used bikes for 100.00 and up and i can buy same bike new at walmart for 88.00. I hoped you liked the part about my motor analogy i got it all figured out. 2 stroke. the dealers make 200.00 and you get stroked. I'll repeat all those motors are the same grubee/sd stinger/jet. the shroud of secrecy and the discontinued models and the changing of company names is for no liability and to keep people CHASING the next motor. because they know they dont last LONG ridden like people ride them. might build a PREDATOR from harbor freight for 99.00 the 99 cc but i need more info from REAL OWNERS of the 99 cc. 85 % is CRAP we all know that from harbor freight. i only buy tape/gloves/wire brushes/grinder/ at these places. The MOTOR is the HEART of the bike. you want a weak HEART buy junk and keep buying. im Honda or better for my macargi. will be in touch. RHS
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