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Default Re: I have the engine, but what if I get the wrong bike?

Originally Posted by Bammer View Post
OK, I bought the 66cc kit and it says standard "26 bike is what I need. First off I have no idea how bikes are measured but I can read labels, so crisis averted... I am having one issue that I cant seem to figure out. It seems as if a wheel with to many spoke will not work due to the 9 bolt pattern of the sprocket.. I'm a little worried about having to carry the engine kit into a bike shop to see what will and wont work. Are there any basic rules to follow when it comes to choosing a bike like about of spokes, wheel size, frame tube size and all that? I have yet to receive the kit I ordered and was planning to have the kit first then get a bike to match but I am quickly realizing that even getting the kit first may not spare me from buying a bicycle that wont work.. Any quick tips are appreciated, I'm sorry if my question is not specific enough but I think you guys catch my drift. Thank guys... - Tye
Welcome to the club, Bammer.

My suggestion is to check out this forum and the other one. See which bikes have had the easiest install with no problems. Then buy one of those bikes.

That's what I did.
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