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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Allen_Wrench View Post
You know, I wondered about that, Fugit. Your's is a 66 cc China Girl, right? With my first bike, about two years ago, I went out on a ride and I took my cordless phone handset with me to test the range. I can't remember the brand anymore; it was a translucent purple 2.4 gig thing that I don't have anymore. But I remember that no matter how close I was to the house I always had static. I just thought it was the phone, but now I wonder, because it worked fine when I was on foot. When I had the bike idling - static. Maybe it needs one of those things (can't think of the proper name) that they put in cars to cancel static coming in on the radio speakers from the motor.
Say, I wonder what havoc I've been causing by just puttering around our community here. How many people have been on the phone, heard me coming, and thought "Aw crap - not again!"?
just go to the junkyard, find the domestic car area and pull a spark wire that has the correct end you need.

these china girls come with a solid core wire that throughs EMF everywhere. cars use resistance wire which doesn't through nasty radio waves everywhere.
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Traditional bicycle riders think we're cheaters. Non riders think our bikes are toys. Bicycle shops think we're a threat. Tree huggers think we're polluters. The police don't know what to think.
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