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Default Re: How long (miles/gas) should breakin take

I run 32:1 for break-in and 16:1 after that, full synthetic. That being said, the best advice is to check the color of your spark plug, and that will tell you if your mixture is right. you are checking the color of the prong and the electrode. During break-in, it will almost definitely be black, because you are adding more oil than what your engine needs, but that's what you're supposed to do. after break-in, the color should be anywhere from tan to light chocolate. white is too lean, black is too rich. if you're a little too rich, moving the c-clip down on the throttle needle will probably help. if you move the clip all the way down on the needle and you're still running rich, use a little less oil in your gas. if you're running lean, do the opposite. I check my plug regularly, and my spark plug is a light chocolate. My engine is a year old with no issues. I did have to move the c-clip all the way down on the needle, but thats not a big deal.

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