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Default Re: How long (miles/gas) should breakin take

Bump Bump Bump, sorry for bringing a post from 2008 back into play, but i figure what the **** right?. I wanted to know what you guys think about what i am doing with the engines i use. i ran 32:1 for break in, 400 miles was my break in period, after the break in period i ran 40:1 for about 200 miles to get my engine ''use'' to the new oil range, after the 200 miles i went up to 50:1. i am using currently 50:1 in BP's superb gas, with a VERY cheap corner store oil for 2 cycle engines i pay 1.49 for this oil. I have over 8000 miles on this bike/engine i am running the standard 44T rear and 10T drive, high intake air filter ADA i think, a custom exhaust, I took a hack saw to a pocket bike exhaust, right where the expansion chamber section of its exhaust extends out to the silencer at the end of the exhaust and cut it off to allow 100% of the sound and i am guessing around 20% more air flow, standard 66cc Discontinued R.A.W brand motor straight head (not a slant fire) kit packaged CDI, kit packaged CARB. i know no one here would EVER trust there HT engines to anything more than 40:1 as its ''not safe'' most would say nothing more than 32:1 i am sure, i got this engine off craigslist used as she was my first and a trail and error type deal for me, the guy who had it ran it for 2 days a total of 30 minutes in both days and his bike frame cracked at the welding at the ''header tube?'' where the forks go into the bike frame so he sold it to me for 50$. With the 32:1 oil she went a total of 32 mph, when i switched to 50:1 i was clocked by the local police doing 49 mph, the only thing i changed was the oil to gas. i live in florida and this engine has seen some seriously hot Weather while running 50:1... i check/clean my piston, piston head/walls very often, likely around every 200-300 miles i check and clean if needed, i noticed the less oil i have in the gas, the less carbon deposits i find on the piston. get back at me with some comments and thoughts il be checking!

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