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Default Do peddlers hate me?

Is it just me or are many traditional bicyclists openly hostile to MBs? Okay, I live in a southern CA town that is set up for bicycle riding. The city has built a small bike highway of bike paths paved and unpaved throughout the city and surrounding coastal areas. The city is very bike friendly here. However, I have found a fair amount of hostility toward me and my motorized bicycle from fellow bicyclists. Many see me and immediately cop an attitude as if I don't belong in the bike lane with them. Some think I have no right to drive on bike paths even though I most certainly do. Maybe they feel cheated because I can wizz-by them enjoying the day while they peddle in a feeble attempt to keep up. Of course some are very friendly, interested in my bike and dreaming about getting a kit for themselves, but a surprising number of them think I am some kind of threat to them. I try to be nice to everyone I meet and avoid trouble and arguments. Of course, I live in a very left leaning town in CA, maybe that explains it. Does anyone else get angry reactions to your motorized bicycle from peddlers??
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