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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Yes, I know.

However, methinks my bike will not like cruising @ 5:1, especially when approaching a hill.

54t/8t = 6.75:1

6.75 x 2.7 = 18.225:1

6.75 x .9 = 6.075:1
53mph @ 5,000rpm(no governor)

Robin will like taking off @ 18.225:1

Robin will not enjoy climbing hills @ 6.075:1.

Purely conjecture.

What I'll do is try out the TAV jackshaft plate with 12t/10t sprockets, along with 54t/9t sprockets. That's 7.2:1 gears. Then I can experiment with the TAV-2 with 54t/8t gears. If Robin doesn't like the 6.075:1 high gear, then a second jackshaft needs to be fabbed to lower gearing, close to 7.2:1.

(12t/10t) x (54t/8t) x .9 = 7.29 to 1 gear.

44mph @ 5,000rpm.

Time will tell.

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