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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Scootmeister View Post
Hey 5-7, where do you get the motor mounts? I've been making my own from strap hinges or using Kuryakyn clamps which are pricey. How do torque-verters work? Do they change the ratio? I've thought about using a variable pulley but they seem to self-adjust at very low RPMs, around 1400. I'd like to find a manual pulley that can be controlled with a cable. Do you know of any? I had one on an old Allis Chalmers garden trator but it was heavy cast iron. An aluminum unit would work at our HP levels.
I have a couple of 4-stroke motor mounting plates around. Either that or a simple 1/8" steel plate welded to the bike frame. Top mount prolly steel or aluminum plate and muffler clamp onto the down tube. I haven't mounted the Robin yet.

The Torq-Verter I have changes ratios from .9:1 to 2.7:1. Methinks you need an initial gear ratio of 8:1. Then your bike should launch HARD @ 21.6:1 and cruise @ 7.2:1. However, it is VERY difficult to make 8:1 on a single jackshaft. On my setup, I would need a custom-made 64t rear sprocket to fit my Motobecane rear drum. The lowest gearing I can muster now is a 52t rear sprocket and an 8-tooth jackshaft gear, which equals to 6.75:1. That means I would need a SECOND jackshaft with 12t/10t sprockets. So, 6.75 x 1.2 = 8.1:1 gearing.

That's with the Torq-Verter.

Sorry, I know nothing about manual pulleys.

The frame of the Torq-V is basically a jackshaft plate. I can remove the pulleys and belt, and install a MaxiTorque clutch w/10t sprocket. The Torq-V's shaft will hold a 12t sprocket on the outboard side. An 8t sprocket will mount inboard on the Torq-V's lengthened jackshaft. This 8t then chains up to the 54t rear wheel sprocket, resulting in 8.1:1 gearing.

That's strictly gearing, no Torq-Verter.
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