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Default Re: new from SD. NOT HAPPY.!

Funny story about BikeBerry.

A year or two ago I ordered my first engine from BikeBerry. After a few days they took the money from my account. I then waited another two weeks for the order to be processed and shipped.

It never happened. The status of my order never changed. After nearly a month I wrote to them and had them cancel my order. A few days later I received my complete refund.

Normally this would be the end of the story; however, about 2 weeks later a package shows up on my doorstep. I opened it to find the engine I had ordered over a month earlier.

At this point I had the engine and my money! I wrote to them to inform them of the situation, but got no response. Free stuff!

edit: Also, I've made it a habbit to check the location of the sellers. BikeBerry is in California, I think. I'm on the east coast so now I try to order exclusively from Pirate Cycles & Sick Bike Parts(not sure where they are located, but they ship fast).

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