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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

The KMC chains will eventually wear, because they are bushingless designs, with stamped ridges that the rollers ride on. The plates are strong, though. But keep a 12" steel ruler and check your chain wear by measuring at the pins from 0 to 12" , with chain under tension.

Originally Posted by Scootmeister View Post
I finally replaced the SS bicycle chains on my Stiletto Bobber with KMC H410 BMX chains. I have a primary drive chain from the engine to the jackshaft, and a main drive chain from the right side of the jackshaft to the wheel. The new chains fit the sprockets much better due to the larger rollers, and there is less movement in the chain while I'm riding. I can't imagine these KMC chains will ever wear out on an MB, unlike my kit 415 chains that started cracking from continued use.
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