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Welcome aboard ;-}

MY thoughts are simple, that's what we do here as mentioned above.

I have nothing against 'tire rubbers' other than their center of gravity vs motor power to weight ratio.

Those little 'chain saw' type 34cc motors can move you along OK if you pedal to help some, and maybe your stock bikes kickstand can even hold it up and you won't ever lean a bit to far to the side and bite it, but if you want more power for hills and speed you need a bigger heaver motor and you don't want to mount a motor that size that far above the center of gravity unless you have athlete type strength and reflex's in my experience.

I say that because I have NO athlete anything anymore but rode my friends little rack mounted hub rubber. It was plenty light and not heavy enough for me not to fall over if I didn't pay attention, but it was so gutless I was darn near yawning just riding around the block.

It's all about your intended use and everyone's is different.
For me it's little short trips for parts and stuff, we have a car for longer trips and cargo and I work from home.

I do however absolutely love the the high power high speed adrenalin rush I get from my personal ride which is high power low center of gravity cavity mount and gears.

Ya, my body may be getting weak but I'm no pussy ya know? heheheheh ;-}

My point is detail what you want to use it for, the kind of bike YOU like riding, and your stature plays a big part.
The more info you give the better the advice, and that holds true with everything.
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