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I know and I'm sorry it came off that way. When I built my bike this forum did not exist. I will never forget the frustration of being told to go read the past post. I had no idea where to look in frustration I went ahead and guessed. In doing that I managed to seize my engine. Seems I put the carb linkage together wrong. The c clip went through the carb and into the cylinder where it prompty froze the piston. Fortunately it didn't do any real harm except cause me to buy piston rings because again I couldn't get a question answered on the other forum. Finally Norman took pity on me and mentored me through putting it all back together or I wouldn't have a bike now.

I will never forgive the other forum for that. I would rather people not answer at all, than to tell the newbie to look it up. Someone who doesn't mind answering simple question will come along and answer it. It's just me I'm sure so forgive the testifying. I'm afraid tact isn't always my strong suit.
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