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First of all let me answer your questions. You have obviously done enough reading already to know what you want to know.

The wheel bears are in the bike wheels. Just pack them with a good axle grease the type to use is just a matter of what you have handy as far as I'm concerned.

Replace engine gaskets only if they fail. I still have one of my original and one I had to replace because I took parts off the engine after it was mounted. For the first mount use the ones that came with your kit. Just use a sealant.

Don't let the rust bother you. Wipe it off with a rough cloth and some light oil if you feel it necessary before you install. I personally would just insall it and forget it.

You will need to put a sealant on the carb intake joint though since this almost always leaks air.

Good luck if you have any more questions just ask someone will answer them rather than send you on a library trip.

For the members here, remember we were all newbies once. Those questions required a second. You all knew the answers please don't send the poor new guy off looking for posts. They have no idea where to look, after all they are new.

This is not the brand x forum. If You don't want to, or can't answer the questions then don't. Someone else will.

PS.. I have no idea what the fatty pipe is, that someone else will have to answer. I just used my kit like it came and have enjoyed it very much.
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