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Default Re: Noob questions

Hillbilly if your still using this forum (and i can totaly understand if your not anymore), pm me for in depth questions about this subject. However for the more general questions like how to install a HT engine. Do some web searching and forum surching (on this forum). there is a nice video on u-tube that goes step by step on how to install a HT engine.


I would stick to a 2 stroke HT engine 66cc. I go 35mph. If you need to go any faster than that i sugest you buy a scooter, they have more safty features and are desinged to handle road conditions at speed better.

there is a kit that bolts on directly to your frount wheel. Its out of china but a little searching on the web will give you the details. There friction drive sytems insted of chain drive makeing instalation much easier then a HT engine

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