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Default Re: Noob questions

WAOH WAOH IBEDAYANK, relax dude. When the kid has very little knolege on this subject and wants to educate himself, by himself why are you so harsh to him. And with an opening answer to his qestion like

" your 14 and you want to build a motorized bicycle that has a big sign on it that says ...PULL ME OVER"


"a 99 and 212 are not builds for noobs that have little or no know how as it takes making custom parts and at times welding"

Way to inspire a kid......right.

And then when he tells you that he is going to do it anyway you say that he is just a kid that just wants to go fast. And then rant about bits and pices of laws that noone ever asked you for. WTF MATE!

I don't care how long you have been a member or how many posts you have noone deserves to be talked down to for asking a simple question, and then further insulted by your asumptions.
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