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Default Re: Kit builder or fabricator.......which type are you?

Like a lot of senior members, I started putting engines on bikes long before it was ever discovered or accepted as a hobby. Growing up on a farm, there were always spare engines from roto tillers, hay balers, and other equipment lying around begging for a kid to wire, weld or bolt it onto something. Fast forward to retirement and extra time to burn, and the availability of stuff on Ebay. I was surfing one day 5 years or so ago and found a used Chinagirl. Once I received it I was hooked again on my childhood facination with small engines and two wheeled conveyance. Some of the parts didn't show up with the rest of the kit, so the fabrication phase started from necessity. Then, thinking there were better ways to do things, more and more fabrication came about. Probably, whether you are a kit person or a fabricator depends a lot on how many tools you have, how creative you are, and how much time you have to burn. In the final analysis, if you are designing, ginding, and welding, you aren't riding!!!!vs.
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