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Default Re: Noob questions

all you want is to go FAST
you think your 10 foot tall and bullet proof and you know it all. Let me guess you don't want to have to pedal? You have no DL so if you get caught they CAN take your bike and not give it back. The last things you want to do is give the cops ANY reason to pull you over.
State law is under 50cc and you should be pedaling even if not pedaling hard enough to move the bike it keeps it looking like a bicycle so they don't look twice at you. Therefore have no reason to pull you over.
The fact you have no DL can be beat in court if you give them NO legal reason to pull you over in the first place. IE legally built bike according to state law and obey ALL traffic laws and wear a DOT motorcycle helmet. Your are under 16 state law is you wear a helmet
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