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Default Re: new from SD. NOT HAPPY.!

Originally Posted by NormO View Post
I personally don't like internet shopping. I guess it's because i have a different view than some. I would rather deal with a person face to face. Hand over my dollars and walk away with something in hand. Complete with receipt. It's less frustrating that way. I do realize that is not always possible, and sometimes you have to whip out the credit card and get something online.
People make mistakes. Sometimes they don't always update their inventory like they should. Sometimes they don't always order enough parts to meet demand. I can understand that. Most companies don't want overhead sitting around that won't sell. They can't predict that they may sell out within a short time.
Basically what i'm saying is we are all human, we make mistakes. Fugit i agree with you 100%.
In MOST cases internet shopping is great, I do it all the time and very rarely have any problem. BikeBerry, however, seems to have designed their website to cause you problems. They list a million kits and stock none, and wont differentiate between what is in stock and what is not. They will take your order for items they do not have in stock, and probably never will get in stock! I dont know what their motivation is to do this, perhaps they figure after you order what you want and wait, and wait, and wait, eventually you will take what they have.
The same thing happened to me last year, I ordered stuff that was supposed to be in stock, I even called them to confirm stock, yet the items were not in stock and they strung me along for weeks. They never did get the stuff I was after, and I eventually ordered from someone else. After complaining to them about their stock situation they finally put OUT OF STOCK on the items they strung me along on, seems like they did the same thing to redheadsticky this week. I predict their games will continue, and I feel they are intentional...
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