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Default Re: Is this still a Cranbrook?

Originally Posted by glennbo View Post
if i had to deal with it like that.. i would find me a 125 cc motorcycle with a title. something really cheap cut out the vin and weld it on my huffy now you have a title and a vin # in thier eyes its a 125 motorcycle but in reality its still a bicycle. you could also do it with a moped title.. some governments are not to smart mounting a three horse briggs on a bike dont make it a lawn mower,mounting a 33 cc two stroke on a bike dont make it a chain saw/weed wacker if you put a moped motor on a harley davidson does it become a moped. in my opinion your state law sucks i hope you figure something out for your situation. you have a nice build and you have a right to enjoy riding it!!! state and local laws need to address motor bicycles seperatly not lump them in with motorcycles or mopeds. thats what i would do.. sorry i didnt mean to yell just love all these bikes they all deserve to be ridden not sittin because of johnny law and ignorance of local and state governments. peace out glenn
I'm making some progress!

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It seems the DMV can bend a little if you know what to ask for...

(what a long, strange trip it is...)
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