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Default Re: new from SD. NOT HAPPY.!

well after i told them same thing take off stuff you dont have i logged back on to bikeberry and lo and behold the black skyhawk said out of stock. many things said out of stock, hopefully if i did that to help others so be it . as a company after 3 days you gotta get tired of giving back the customers money. ! everyones the loser "TIME LOST". cant get that back. nobody's trying to build a space shuttle here just motors and bikes people. if you got it sell it if you dont kindly put out of STOCK. so we can move on. My gloss black and black motor scheme is out the window due to this thread so now im going with the grubee gt5 silver, i have seen a bunch of motors on boy go fast on ebay but im 100% sure no after support . at least with the grubee enough people have them and you can get some kind of answer. just looking for a macargi tahiti in a nice color now since silver will go woth anything. they discontinued the gloss black with the red rims looked pretty cool but know they come with black rims. I'm calling each company and ordering over the phone now no more internet. asking if color is in stock / motor in stock YES OR NO. Thanks for reading, ive been to all the websites you can imagine if anyone has a question i do tell it like it is. most are same dont listen to the reviews cause bikeberry got all good reviews but i got bad information. Tim
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