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Default Re: Lady In Need of Advice


It sounds like it's time to "woman up" and get yourself some tools and learn about these motors and begin to work on them yourself. This could set the best example. You can learn by reading, doing, watching, listening, or any combination of all of those.

Somehow I'd bet where ever these motors are being built in China, there are women on an assembley line helping build them. They aren't heavy and building motorized bikes could be done by women. Where I lived there was an all woman's lawnmower shop and the girls could work on about anything. They had their computers, tools, elevated stands so they could work on stuff without killing their backs etc.

If you build bikes and sell them as custom pieces then you won't be doing repair work, welding & grinding etc. You just put the things together. Just make the customer aware that he can come to this forum and begin to learn as he rides. If you wish to slowly get into tuning and adjusting the set up
you can slowly get into it that way. As far as doing motor work on these, the basic lawnmower repair skills should support that effort. But to try and operate a machine shop to do specialized work....the purchase of a new or larger cc motor would be more practicle.

If I pursued this it would be to offer high fuel milage alternates during these economic times with working people and students in mind. As for kids wanting a Jr. Motorcycle they can race around on, you may be expected
to spend too much time at maintenance to keep those running each week. Those wanting a high fuel milage alternative will likely take care of the machinery in order to keep it serving them well and avoiding down time.

You just have to survey your skills and calculate your nitche.

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