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Default Re: How Fast are You going? - I wana know

Nice tips and I read the thread, thanks goat.

Happy Times motors ehh? Are they? hehehe ;-}

I am talking a 49cc Huan Sang or 50cc Honda 4-stroke motor, not a no valves 2-stroke, though I toyed with the idea of a PC case type fan mounted to the air cleaner for my 66cc 2-stroke once ;-}

Anyway... since I built and rode a couple of 4-strokers I am really taken with them.
Pull start and regular gas, how can you not be?
Their problem is they have no low end balls when direct drive.
Get 'em up to speed and they rock though because the high end power is there, hence a 3-speed tranny, but I am not looking to set speed records, ~40 MPH is plenty fast enough for me, I just want to be able to pull that up-hill ;-}
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