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Default Re: How Fast are You going? - I wana know

I can't speak for H.T. motors, never tried one of their kits.

Sounds like you guys that have tend to have to put a lot of extra time into them to make them go.

The only 2-strokers I have ever used is Skyhawks made in the Chinese JiangYan YuanDong gas engine factory and exported by China Gas.

Granted I live in Phoenix, a mere ~1100 feet above sea level and usually bone dry air so I don't have to dick with jetting and all the other stuff you much higher altitude or water saturated high humidity air guys have to deal with.
Ya, Phoenix is a good place for motorized bikes, especially right now, thats why Death Race down South in Tucson is so ideal ;-}

But as mentioned I let my baby go yesterday and working on exactly what bike I want for a Jackshafted center frame mounted 4-stroke 3-speed.
Then, exactly what I can get away with for performance enhancements.
Custom Turbo Charger and maybe even NOS?

I am no lifetime mechanic like some of you, I have been a computer geek half my life and don't particularly like getting greasy and turning wrenches either, but again like many of you I was gifted and schooled to 'problem solve' in a McGiver kind of way and ever since my very first build I just couldn't help but be intrigued with these bikes we make, and how I might make them better ;-}
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