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Default Re: Brass Tubing Exhaust?

Originally Posted by moonerdizzle View Post
That's the stuff. I watched it being used by some Air Force types. They had it in a metal container that was full of hot water with the alloy in a molten state. They would dip the tubing into the melted metal, fill the tube and cap the ends with rubber plugs then dip the tubing in cold water. The tubing then became like a solid rod that could be bent into any shape. After the bending process the tubing was again submerged in the 'hot vat' and the alloy would melt and could be poured out.
I saw them bend steel, aluminum and stainless steel tubing but never saw brass being bent. Not much brass tubing on airplanes.

I wouldn't begin to know how you would calculate the amount needed. It would be based on the length and diameter of the tubing you're trying to bend and the volume of a one pound ingot.

Thanks, Moon.

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