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Default Re: How Fast are You going? - I wana know

I fixed cars for a living, worked in paint and body shops, and on R.V.'s I will soon be back to wrenching. Seams the only job I can get is in a full service shop. No one wants to do this work or seams to have the heart or knowledge for it. Buying tools in our going economy now just can't imagine how hard that can be for a new young tech now days?

Seams the whole town is starved for a mechanic these days. Wrong time to be burnt out fixing other folks misfortunes in a failing disorganized industry aye?

Will be back to potentially hellish 15 hour days again. There are great days too! Prolly in another mom and pop shop. I like down to earth honest folk. Seams I am the few with the stomach for it. Talk about putting in do's to society. I have stories words cannot describe.

I got as much money in tools as my house. This is why at times I hate wrenching. At times gotta ask myself what life could have been like with out the luggage called a tool bill? Will beyond a shadow of a doubt be buying tools till I die....

Fixing what other engineers did passing the buck. I am plumb burnt out at times with even fixing my own stuff but i always do! This is why I hate the H.T. motors the most. They took up my time . Very bad passed the buck design. It is a symbol of the bad history that repeated it self to me in the mechanics industry.

The last two mom and pop type mechanic shops went out of business that I worked for. We had a big collection of cars that customers abandoned and leans were put on. The last boss I had was burnt out the day he hired me and one of the sharpest techs I ever had the privilege to work with.

when I was younger in bad times never ever hawked the likes of a tool ever! It would be the absolute worst thing to do. Was instinctive.

Where is the picture of the bike thrown in the truck? ''Hate to think he just threw it in there?

Here is a typical cargo run. Yes I still peddle especially in the winter and with ''more'' cargo then this at times. Think Backpack or wrapped around my neck ayup lol!

My machines are tested not because I ramp them or do wacky cool grounds tricks they are simply hella well ridden.

Put in ''well'' over 50k miles peddling until 2008 lost track and seriously stopped caring about counting. Found a H.T. motor after reading a Science magazine on the crapper..

Had a ice fall leg injury that needed time. Fully recovered now! Took a walk about from wrenching for a few which helps as crawling on cement catches up with ya..Never did quit peddling or motoring during that time. Yup I got's the M.B. sickness.

These motors are in no way ''big dogs'' to me. I might have argued that for them at one time but I strived to find something, anything better. As necessity is the mother of invention. Race your bike off the line at the track with any of those Morini's that IMHO will definitely out live it!

Got plenty of 4 wheeled covered wagons in the drive way. They all run. Including a sweet old 4x4. Riding mopeds because it is pure pleasure of study for me! Been peddling all my life Flat out love every minute of it.

There is nothing cooler to me than a Heavy duty full sus bike that is very light weight and runs like the devil when I wanna.. All of my mountain bikes are full sus with touring gears. Never had a fascination for Spandex attire. Imagine I would'a looked manly in them tho I hear they are real darn comfy has to be all the craze. Gonna wait to I get way way older then mebbe I will wear them around the house and everything!

The little H.T. motors can be good motors I am just not fascinated with them anymore..

Here was my J shaft 5.8 H.P. remember? Motor is still cherry with 5 k on it runs like day one. I will not do another high powered J shaft. One chain to the rear that never wears out is just to darn simple and it works really good with this Motor!!

Thumper motors any 4 stroke for me or any legal size 4 stroke and of course a 49.8 cc legal Morini baby. I have 4 of them now. Now I am feeling kinda chuby ''not misty'':
Still gotta have a since of humor.
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