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Default Re: How Fast are You going? - I wana know

Originally Posted by Goat Herder View Post
The flat out blue printing a H.T. motor for the most part I have to admit one can be quite taken with them. I was.
...They are nothing like the beastly uber kewl potential panic of a rocket launching Morini IMO.
You should take that out to one of the sanctioned races! K.C.!
The famous Death Race is right where you are at?

Only a couple hundred miles to Tucson, and I have been with my bike and family for one so far, but that NuVivci Dev Kit hub failed a week before. I bought an entry fee anyway and it got me a round the track for a practice lap, but it wasn't any fun on the track and down right embarrassing.
I did however really enjoy the 'experience' of the whole race experience even though I couldn't actually race if you know what I mean, good people ;-}

If I'm not mistaken Death Race is in Fall, that should work for me.
I won't be taking the bike I hoped to never sell, but theer is such a thing as an offer you simply can't refuse when you want to try making something better and need the $ even if it was your pride and joy and the top of the line in town performance wise in the 66cc class.

This is how Bad Mojo looked before she was loaded up on the buyers truck.

If you have to sell something you treasure like I did today, it helps when you are impressed with what the buyer has done than you have with their rides to drive it away. I was in frick'n in awe with this buyers ride, and I know 4x4's way more than I share here becasue it is not related and I have my own forum for that too..

Just in case you might think this buyer was some pencil necked geek compensating for some manly short coming with a big truck, he is recently retired 25 year local fireman after ? years military service.

If you think the outside is impressive, I took a ride in it up to his bank so he could pull a grand cash to buy it with cash, and the inside was was like a jet airliner cockpit. NO **** guys, the pictures don't show crap, that is a $100+K vehicle, he wanted another 'good portable toy', and bought my ride.

I don't care who you are, if you can build something, ride it for a couple years, and then sell it for pretty much what your parts costs were over the years to a buyer that only wants the best and wants it now, you just can't help but smile about what you built, and then build your next even better one ready to be funded with the sell ;-}

Ya, Legal 4-stroke 3-speed shifter on a solid bike.
The motor/tranny stuff is nothing, I got that, but I am talking a new bicycle base...
Call it female type 'post pardon' depression parting with something you really loved for it's feel, kind of like that robe or blanket that is really comfortable and makes you feel safe.

(evening cocktails have kicked in, more later, gotta go before I start balling)
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