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Default Re: Alternate power sources to HTs

Well I think I can answer part of that correctly, 2dr! lol

In equestrian horsemanship type stuff... you always mount your horse from the left. And I suppose that carried over to bikes and mcs... so, kickstand should be where it's easiest to operate. I guess??? :-)

The little engine in the pic is dangling off'n 'dem rubber grommets just above the head. and when the vari-drive takes up on the belt, with rpm, the motor kinda picks upwards as it tightens. There's a spring that holds against it.
Other end of the belt is abt a 10" sheave, running on the opposite end of the pedal crank, free spinning, and it's got a gear with chain to the back sprocket.

Ingenious French persons! lol

I believe the company is out of business now, after yamaha bought them out and had a run for a few years. They might now be produced in India, and I heard a rumor of Turkey, also...

All told, it's fun stuff!
My goal is cheap, reliable, personal transport, below the tax collector radar. Fun counts for a lot!
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