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Default Re: How did you get introduced to motor-assisted bicycling?

$4.75 a gallon in 2010, a six mile commute where my engine seldom got up to temp in winter and ony did so half-way there in summer... tripped across Five Flags in Florida, they sold me a "Flying Horse" China Tramp kit which I promptly bolted onto a WalMart Cranbrook. At first, everybody figured I'd gone off the deep end. Then they saw how reliable it is if you don't abuse and do the maitanance and then they started trying it out. One day during surgery, I commented that I can purchase six motor kits for below wholesale ifI buy them all at once- the anasthesia provider asked how much to build six bikes total- I gave a figure. He wrote a cheque. We've been at it ever since. I designed a hubmount and a brakelight switch, working on a production model lighting system (head,tail,brakes,turn) in 6 volt that trickles off the white wire- very close to having it. I can do protoypes, but they are pricey- trying to create a design that will mass produce well enough to sell. Several ideas, not sure which one to chase down first. Still haven't really turned a profit, but working on it...
there is no 12 step program for this, is there? I guess I'm in it for the ride....
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