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Default Alternate power sources to HTs

I was surfing for alternative engines to use on a motorized bicycle. Mopeds!

Mopedarmy has a LOT of information, and an excellent photo gallery.
That is the source of this information.

IMO, it's generally better to use a power unit that parts are most likely to be available for... yet this is no guearantee !

The mopedarmy photo gallery listed over 130 brands contributed.
Out of the volunteered pics, I picked out these as the heavy hitters.
These are from riders who chose to post pics of their bikes, which is not a scientific method of determining availability of parts, but it might be an indication?

Puch 984
tomos 580
honda 559
motobecane 442
mobylette 206
vespa 407
garelli 348
peugeot 343
batavus 272
yamaha 184
sachs 170
solex 151
jawa 126
sparta 116
suzuki 110
kreidler 101

It's easy to guess where best availability might be...

Most have pedals, most are in the 50cc class, and many have a variator and/or centrifugal clutch.
Some have fabulous body and fender styles, others are simply bicycles.
Most are step-thru frames, yet some are motorcycles.

I have never heard of many of the brands mentioned, and presume any number of them were produced by a larger company and badged.

Sure hope this is helpful if someone might be making a decision.


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