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Default Heat + Freshly sanded automotive paint = Glossy Smooth Goodness

So I am in the middle of repainting my bike and i have been working on painting the rear fender. Well i am wet sanding the fender with 400 grit, 800 grit, very five steel wool, this painting is been going on fir serveral weeks now. Well i decided that after sanding i will bake the fender, to cure the paint and get rid of all the VOC's. So after sanding i dry it, and place it in my homemade oven ( its really just a rack and 520k BTU propane heater under it).

I bake the fender on a low heat setting for 45 minutes. Everything looks fine When its done i look at the fender, there is no more acetone smell, paint is fully dry, im happy. Well i got a suprise of a life time when i flipped it over. The part of the fender that was closest to the heat is ULTRA smooth and glossy, and when i mean glossy, you can see your face and all colors in it. A woman could put on makeup with the reflection. I am very impressed.

Well i decided that i want the whole fender that glossy so i sad the finder again with 800 grit sandpaper. and this time i place it in the oven and move the rack one level lower, also i turn the heat up. After another 30 minutes of baking the fender is ready. Taking it out it looks better than what you get put of a factory or body shop paint job.

Mind you it is super glossy and i have yet to put a clear coat on the finder yet. I will be baking exeverything from now on.

I dont have picsw up yet, but i will put them up once i get home tonight.
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