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Default Re: New guy in Cali.

So lastnight I started her up for the first time. I only rode around for about three minutes until I had to stop.

And this is why I had to stop lol.

I'm not entirely sure why the master link bent. Maybe you guys could help me with that? I felt like I had enough tension on the chain (chain could move up and down about an inch). And the chain lined up with the sprocket pretty well. I did however notice the motor sat over to the left side a little more then the right (like \ but not so drastic), could that be the issue? Since the only link I lost was the master link I'm going to get some more and try again and possibly pin point the reason why the link bent and came apart. Triail and Error

My brother and father watched me as started it up and rode around the court we live on. When the chain failed and I came back to the house and they thought I was going to be mad and upset that it had broken, but I was all smiles

Even though there is still work to be done before I can ride it again I'm still like because these things are awesome!
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