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Talking Re: How did you get introduced to motor-assisted bicycling?

It all began for me because of an interest in electric hub motors. I absolutely adore the site There they have many folks interested in powering bicycle by alternative methods (electric, gas, even steam!!!). Everyone should check on the 48v flat tracker build, its pretty incredible. Appearantly it goes up 45mph!!! Anyway, i was interested for a long time in building a hub motor from scratch. After a lot of research i realized this was WAY over my head since i knew next to nothing about our good friend the internal combustion motor, which i found to be a little more straight forward than the complex math involved in electronic power. I thought small 2 stroke engines would be a great place to start my edu-ma-cation. After buying a crappy china girl, i found i was terribly right! You learn a ton when the thing your working on breaks down all the time. But Its been a love affair ever since. The idea of getting so much power, speed, and fuel usage out of a bicycle is just plain awesome. The idea of how much money you could save on an electric bike is what first intrigued me. But the technology for it just isnt quite accessible at my price range at this stage of the game. However, gas power engines are. And wouldn't ya know it, they're fun too!

Motor assisted bicycles take what i believe to be two of our greatest inventions as people and smash them together into a smorgisborg of efficiency and fun. I hope to ride for many years to come!
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