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1( flat roads. well lit at night. 1 hill speed limits 35 mph)
2 i weigh 150. 5'8 so im pretty skinny
3 local laws allow for a 50cc.( moped) but undetermined as it is common to see a riding lawnmower doing 55 down the road where i live) but i do plan on using it at the dirt track to have some fun.
4 bike is unsure. wanting a beachcruiser style bike. gotta find one that is full steel frame ( beachcruiser style to give it that old motorcycle look)
5 driving to and from work and to the local grocery store for acouple items. grocery store is less than a mile .
6 dont really have a budget. at the end of the month after all bills paid i have roughly 1000 to play with each month.

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