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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

I went the whole 9 yards on the tank. I bought the Kreem kit and washed out tank with chain and detergent, rinsed with water well, Soaked it full of phosphoric acid for 5 hours using a little rubber stopper where fuel valve goes then emptied, used the stuff that makes water go away(dont know the name of it but was in kit), and then spent a few hours with the kreem and lined the inside of the tank. The typical kreem kit is 50 bucks and wil do 10 or 12 tanks this size.

I read somewhere here about securing bolts with finger nail hardener but found some that actaully seeks out gaps and ridges. Used that on all screws on bike and non hot stuff.

Used two layers of teflon tape at fuel petcock when installing.

Pre spun screws on tank before installing about 1/4 of the way - much easier then trying to hold tank still and thread new screws over the paint.

When drilling for kill switch and throttle assembly i dabbed the bottom of the plastic peg on inside of kill switch with white paint and set the assembly carefully on the handle bars and removed. I had a perfect spot to drill after it dried a bit. I used a small drill bit to get stated and worked my way up to make hole.

Really enjoyed manic mechanics motor mounts Elegant

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