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Default easy/safe to weld exhaust pipe with propane torch?

I have a modded pocketbike expansion chamber that fell apart because I previously had it put together with fiberglass. I decided welding it is a lot cheaper than getting a new one. I got a decent quote from a local shop, but the shop is about 5 miles from me, and my only way of getting there is pedaling my bike, a beach cruiser, up some steep hills. Home depot is right down the street, and they have a propane torch for about 13 bucks, a stainless steel brush for 2.50, and copper pipe couplings are really cheap too. so for about the same price as the welding shop, I can do this at home myself. I was thinking of using copper pipe couplings because that might make it easier for me. Or should I use some type of flux and solder, like how they weld plumbing pipes together? I was actually even thinking of buying a length of copper tubing so that I could extend my head pipe a little for a wider powerband. Also, can I cool the parts in water after welding them? I have multiple spots to weld, and speeding up cooling time would make the whole process a lot easier. Thoughts?

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